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Introducing Cerise 🍒

All you need is less.

No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Bluetooth’s limited bitrate and Wi-Fi’s range issues compromise data transmission in high RF environments, such as film sets.

No batteries to charge

No more discharged transmitters overnight because you forgot to turn them off

Single cable

Cerise can be connected directly to an iPad or computer with it’s versatile type-C interface, or a full console via PoE Ethernet.

External antennas

External antennas offer enhanced signal range and flexibility over internal counterparts.

Extremely fast setup time

As Cerise only use a single cable for both its data and power, setting it up is as easy as plugging it in and opening your favorite app.

All metal design

Robust all metal deign featuring 1/4″ mounting holes for easy rigging.

🍒 is smol.

Number of CRMX universes 1U 2U 4U
Model name 1U USB 2U Pro 2U Pro Wired 4U Pro 4U Pro Wired
RF analyzer
Ethernet + PoE X
Independent Wired universes
via second RJ45 output
X X 4 X 4
Total amount of DMX universes 1 2 6 4 8
Size (without antennas) 82x77x20mm 147x116x20mm 147x116x20mm 147x116x20mm 147x116x20mm
Weight 125g 270g 280g 290g 300g

Frequently asked questions

Does the device draw power from the iPad, and will it affect my iPad's battery life?

Yes, the device does draw power from the iPad. The amount of power consumed increases with the number of universes you use. It’s worth noting that the more universes utilized, the more power-hungry the device becomes. As of now, with the 2U PRO Wired using both CRMX and wired DMX, we’ve observed a battery life decrease of between 25 to 30%.

However, we are committed to continuously refining our design and electronics for greater efficiency, so these numbers may change in the future.

To address this concern, we include an adapter with Cerise, allowing you to charge your iPad while using the device.

My iPad doesn't have usb-c, will Cerise still work with it ?

Short answer : yes it should work, you just need an adapter like this :

Long answer : it depends as sometime the adapters can be finicky, especially with older iPads.

On what device or console will Cerise work ?
So far we’ve tested and validated :
  • Windows 10 & 11
  • Apple’s Mac with an Intel processor
  • Linux
  • iPad with type-C connector (iPad Mini, Pro and 10th gen) and lightning connector
It doesn’t work on :
  • Samsung Smartphone

The Ethernet input on Pro models also allow Cerise to be used with all major console brands out there either with Art-Net or sACN.

What's the deal with the wired DMX output on the 2U PRO Wired ?

We prioritized creating a compact design for the product. Incorporating 4 full-size XLR 5 pin sockets would have doubled its thickness. Instead, we’ve opted for an ESTA compatible adapter. This allows for either 1 or 4 universes wired DMX output using readily available off-the-shelf adapters. This approach ensures the product remains sleek without compromising on its functionality.

Do you support RDM, CRMX²/linking keys ?

Unfortunately we’re limited to a single universe per transmitter but we’re working on implementing linking key support via a firmware upgrade 🙂

We’re also working on RDM support.

So Cerise connects via the USB/Lightning port of the iPad, how can I charge it then ?


Yes, we do use the charging connector of your iPad, but we provide a small and easy to USB type-C dongle the lets you both use Cerise and charge your iPad at the same time.

Also note that the iPad can be picky about what adapter works and doesn’t with it. We recommend staying away of passive adapters (these are easy to recognise as they tend to be small and be mostly use to plug-in both headphones and a charger) as well as active adapters featuring an Ethernet port (these will cause conflicts as both Cerise and the adapter will show up as Ethernet adapters on the iPad, and there is no way to select a preffered one on iOS).

If you use a Lightning iPad with the camera adapter, please not that you will need to have external power feeding into the adapter for it to work.

We recommend this adapter for lightning :

This adapter here will not work as the iPad isn’t able to provide enough power :

Here are some adapters we do not recommend :

I got a Cerise 1U without an ethernet port, can I use a USB type-c to ethernet adapter with it ?

No, this will not work for 2 reasons : both Cerise and the USB to ethernet adapter are USB devices and require a USB host to function (in normal operation, the iPad or computer acts as a USB host). Also you wouldn’t be able to power Cerise as its USB port is the only power in port.

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