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Introducing Cerise 🍒

All you need is less.

No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Bluetooth’s limited bitrate and Wi-Fi’s range issues compromise data transmission in high RF environments, such as film sets.

No batteries to charge

No more discharged transmitters overnight because you forgot to turn them off

Single cable

Cerise can be connected directly to an iPad or computer with it’s versatile type-C interface, or a full console via PoE Ethernet.

External antennas

External antennas offer enhanced signal range and flexibility over internal counterparts.

Extremely fast setup time

As Cerise only use a single cable for both its data and power, setting it up is as easy as plugging it in and opening your favorite app.

All metal design

Robust all metal deign featuring 1/4″ mounting holes for easy rigging.

🍒 is smol.

Number of CRMX universes 1U 2U 4U
Model name 1U USB 1U Pro 2U USB 2U Pro 2U Pro Wired 4U USB 4U Pro
Ethernet + PoE X X X X
RF analyzer X X X X
Wired additional universes 4
Size (without antennas) 76x77x19mm 87x116x22mm 76x98x22mm 87x116x22mm 124x116x22mm 124x98x19mm 154x116x22mm
Weight 125g 200g 155g 255g 290g 230g 320g

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